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My name is KJ and I  have been an avid  fisherman since I can even remember.  I remember very well riding along in the 18 wheeler that my dad driving across country wanting to stop at every little lake, stream, or river trying to catch fish. I remember that green Shakespeare rod and reel standing outside  in front of my house with a pyramid sinker tied on and casting across the street trying to pinpoint my location to become proficient at hitting the target.  I have a passion for fishing and have had the opportunity to fish salt water, freshwater, and fly fishing. I mostly fish the Pacific West Coast but have had the opportunity to fish on the East Coast and also the Caribbean, Mexico and in South America.  So come and join me and become a believer using our products and let your fish catch increase also I hope to see you out there all of you fisherman.

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Our Product

This product is based on my experience of fishing swim baits and years of fishing tube baits.

I found that there were no large tube or swimbaits being offered, did not have an assortment of colors, the product that was on the market had no durability and was not functional after catching one or 2 fish. Therefore I came up first with a paddle tail swim bait but the market was saturated so I came up with the tube bait.

The Magnum Tube bait has been on fire catching fish day in and day out and has been proven and has been tested. It is made out of a very durable material. It is mainly used to catch rockfish and lingcod but has caught other species of fish.

Our unique colors allows the tube baits to be seen at the deepest of depths and even fishing the shallows still allows a color pigment to be visible. Also our baits are equipped with a Stinger hook which virtually guarantees you will not lose a fish and has been a game changer.

You can either buy the Tube Baits separately or you can buy them fully set up. It is your preference. We here at Team Mag-12 wants you to become a believer in our product so come join our team and we look for to hearing from you and your fishing experience.

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